You’re the (pine)Apple of My Eye

pic-2Now this is a story all about how (yes, you’re supposed to sing that line in your head as the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song) these frackin’ adorable products ended up being featured on the blog today.

So here’s the spiel on how I met the ever-so wonderful Delana Roe, the owner of Suite Space Boutique.

It all started with a football fueled trip to Tuscaloosa, Alabama with my best friend and high hopes for the Hilltoppers. Ya girl had never ventured into that neck of the woods before, so naturally, I figured that gallivanting around the city was a must. — this ultimately lead my brown booties & distressed denim wearing self into Suite Space Boutique

You guys know me, I chat, I ask questions, I must know everything about everyone because that’s who I am as a person. My experience with Delana was no different, as I immediately inquired about her beginnings and how she started her boutique. She told me that she just recently cuts ties with 10 years of work in the real estate world to take a leap of faith and embark on her lifelong dream of owning and operating her own boutique.

I couldn’t help but think about how us dreamers are on the same wavelength. Whether it’s starting your own business or creating your own blog — taking a bold step into the scary unknown can be difficult at first, or for awhile, but ultimately, is worth it.

And look at us now, folks! I have the honor of featuring this lovely lady’s boutique and marvelous merchandise on the blog today. *hooray for randomly meeting super cool people and sharing your passions*

Now, are you pondering about what kind of products Suite Space offers? Well, let me tell ya. Suite Space Boutique is a one-stop shop — an oasis of everything from apparel to pillows, bedding to stationary, or game day to Greek life gear. This gem of a boutique has something for the sorority woman that lives in all of us.

So, whether you want to deck out your dorm room, shower your Little in fabulous gifts for Big/Little Week, or get your momma an awesome Christmas present instead of the lousy one your brothers get her every year (I’m talking to you Brax & Quinn) — Suite Space Boutique is the answer to all of your gift buying conundrums. pic-1pic-4 pic-5If you’re feeling real fruity today, enter this giveaway! All your pretty self has to do is two things. 1. hit ya girl’s blog up with an email subscription and 2. head on over to Instagram and follow @suite_space_boutique  for your chance to win this pineapple t-shirt & glitter tumbler *FOR FREE*. I’m not yanking your chain, folks. You could sip your favorite beverage in a cup of glittery goodness & wear a matching t-shirt. What’s better than that? Let me answer that for you, nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Just so you know, if you were a fruit…you’d be a fine-apple…wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

Until next post,

Don’t stop dreaming- xoxo

Pineapple T-shirt | Suite Space Boutique
Pineapple Glitter Tumbler | Suite Space Boutique
Alpha Omicron Pi Aztec Tote | Suite Space Boutique
Alpha Omicron Pi Striped Key Chain | Suite Space Boutique
Alpha Omicron Pi Striped Luggage Tag | Suite Space Boutique


A special welldresseddreamer thank you to Delana Roe of Suite Space Boutique for the fabulous merchandise.

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    Hey girl!!!


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