That’s (F)all She Wrote

pic-5Hello friends! It’s my immense honor to bring you your regularly scheduled Well Dressed Dreamer Wednesday after a week away. I’ve returned from my travels to a far off land – and by far off land – I mean WKU’s Homecoming. Allow me to summarize my week for those of you who are unfamiliar with the anomaly that is homecoming in three words: blood, sweat, and pomps. Although I lost the hide from my finger tips and the manicure from my nails via rolling tissue paper into perfectly quaffed balls to apply to a float as a tribute to all things Big Red and Hill topping, I’m finally back to reality.

Luckily, I still have all 10 fingers (barely, see above) and after a little R&R, they’ve mustered up the strength to type up this blog post for you lovely users of the World Wide Web.

But just when you think you’ll have a luxurious weekend to yourself for the first time in weeks, BOOM, it’s Hallow-freakin’-weekend. Appropriately, I’m back with a blog post loaded with a robust amount of Halloween costume inspiration. “Costume inspiration?” you may be asking yourself. You may think you read wrong, but my oh my, you couldn’t be more right.

This Halloween, you can be what every girl wants to become …a millennial blogger. All you need for this outfit is the Checkmate Plaid Tunic from Glamour Farms Boutique, a military jacket, black denim, and a pair of suede booties & VOILA! Suddenly, you have 30k followers on Instagram, only drink La Croix, and know how to take the perfect picture of your uneaten food at Sunday brunch. pic-3pic-4pic-8pic-10pic-9pic-6pic-12On the real though, use the promo code: DREAMER645 at for $10 off your purchase. Merry Halloween, ya filthy pumpkins! (That’s how the saying goes, right?)

That’s (f)all for wrote, folks. Until next post,

Don’t stop dreaming- xoxo

Checkmate Plaid Tunic | Glamour Farms
Military Jacket (similar) | J. Crew
Black Denim (similar) | Madewell
Suede Booties (similar) | Glamour Farms


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