Meet Me in the Middle (School)

Hiya World Wide Web! Long time no talk – like a tragic middle school break up that shattered your world and your MySpace top friends. But have no fear, I’m back and better than ever. Today, you’ll get an extra bang for your buck as I will provide not one, not two, but THREE outfit inspirations that reflect the alternate egos that I found myself trapped in from 7th grade and onward if we’re being honest. A blast from the past can make a bold statement in your future so giddy up and raid that closet.

The Prep: think straight A’s and straighter teeth (thanks braces)


The Kid That’s Good at Art: First place in the State Fair photo competition & your heart

pic3 pic4

The Punk: Three Days Grace is still relevant, right? Para-I-want-more?

pic5 pic6It’s a good thing Instagram doesn’t have top friends because I wouldn’t know what to do with all of you fabulous folks. Thanks for stopping by and taking a painless journey back to the halls of junior high – if you’re nice, maybe I’ll send you a neatly folded note.

Until next post,

Don’t stop dreaming — xoxo

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